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Add excitement, theme and interactivity to river crossings and overpasses. The sway and bounce of Netform™ rope bridges add an element of fun. Netform™ satisfies safety requirements by using stainless steel carriers under slip-resistant treads.

Netform™ play systems, constructed of 16mm steel-reinforced rope, give all of the advantages of rope and steel cable. It’s durable and tough, but it’s also soft to the hands, which makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor playscapes.

Netform™ play systems are available in a variety of colors, too.
(Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Sand, Green)

Netform™ has a breaking strength of several tons and endless attachment options. You can use it for climbing nets, cargo bridges, suspension bridges, handrails, lily pad nets, and climbing ladders. It’s less expensive than concrete and steel bridges, and a lot more fun. Standard netting just can’t compare to Netform™’s long service life, easy installation and design flexibility.

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End Fittings & Joints

Specifically designed for the playground environment, our range of end fittings are one of the most comprehensive in the industry.

Our ropes are connected using high quality polymer joints which conform to T.U.V. safety standards with respect to Din 7926 and are available in Black or Tan..

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