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BayNets provide an easy, effective tool for open pit safety and promote safer work habits in the hazardous area of your service center.

BayNets are designed to catch and cradle a person falling into the floor opening. They are fabricated of specially treated, petroleum-resistant synthetic net, installed with aircraft cable and hardware. Once installed, the BayNets Safety System® has a tensile strength of over 3 tons.

Hardware and Netting for Baynets Safety Systems®
Wire Cable length attached to pad eye
Wire Cable Length
Attached To Pad Eye
Quick Links
Quick Links
Cable Clamps (6), Thimbles (2)
Cable Clamps (6)
Thimbles (2)
Snap Hooks
Pad Eyes
Pad Eyes
Drain Pan Anchor Assembly
Drain Pan
Anchor Assembly
N 820

Our BayNets Safety System®
helps you meet OSHA regulations at a lower cost than other safety systems.

You know you need to install a safety system. BayNets is the answer.
See our System Configurations if you are not sure which BayNets Safety System® to order.

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