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Whirly Ball Fun at InCord

2010 InCord WhirlyBall Outing
  If you have ever tried the game of Whirly Ball, then you know the excitement of the game - a mad mix of basketball and lacrosse played from the seat of an electric bumper car. As the team building culmination to the semiannual InCord sales meeting, Whirly Ball brought out the animated and competitive edge of even the quietest of team participants. For those who have not played the game -Whirlyball consists of two teams of five players. Each player rides a Whirlybug (bumper car) and carries a wiffle ball scoop.

Players pass the ball in play (a wiffle ball) to teammates and shoot at opponents' goal, a circular target at each end of an enclosed court. Game rules do not allow a player to leave their car or touch the ball with their hands. Other than that, almost anything is allowed. Brian Stevenson, the only experienced Whirly Ball player, cruised through the court making some great shots while Bev Walton and Mary Martin checked him at every turn. New InCord addition Jerry O'Neal played strong with some great shots angled off of office leader Pam Vachon, while project designer George Bechard made a daring dash across the court knowing the shortest path between two points is a straight line. Brian Hillery in Marine style pounded through to make some fine passes to Robin Ritz who took creative spins to make some fine goals. Erica Hodge distracted by team player Paul Urbanowitz managed to break through to make some great plays. Focus and determination led Bob Martin and Charles Crawford through crushing rushes enabling critical passes for their team. Team leader and gallery cheerleader Chip Merritt led everyone to mutual victories throughout the night. At evening's end it was agreed, everyone had a great time playing together for a common goal.

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